About Me


Camille Byrne Sheppard

Among other ways of identifying myself, I’m a photographer, writer, and gardener. Photography and writing are ways I both learn and share about people and the world. Gardening keeps me connected to the earth.

I learned to cook when I was very young, and vegetables are my favorite ingredient. Italian is my favorite cuisine. It celebrates vegetables – colorfully and creatively.

I started this blog to celebrate artisan farming and the people who are choosing to express their creativity through farming and food production in a personal way.

For years, I’ve been concerned with food production, food safety and food justice. I’ve reflected on the environmental concerns related to food. Today, I’m convinced that the localization of food production is one of the most important things human beings can do. Its something we can do within our communities. Its something I can do it without needing anything to change first. I don’t have to be an expert or even experienced.

Localizing food production creates an inside out change in the world. Communities become stronger when people interact around a basic commodity. Neighbors share their abundance with each other. If we buy what we don’t grow from local farmers, resources stay within the community. Transporting food via truck, train, air and boat all entail the consumption of large amounts of fossil fuels. Industrial agriculture pollutes our rivers and flooding of conventional commercially farmed land is responsible for huge amounts of toxic runoff which is destroying the fragile balance of the ecosystems in near-shore waters.

As a gardener, I’m constantly trying and learning from new crazy ideas. I want to see and share other people’s creative and crazy ideas because I know that I am much braver about trying something unorthodox when I see others taking a chance as well.

Everyone has a different reason for farming and a different way of making it work for them. Making it work can mean everything from growing a few tomatoes, to growing enough food to sustain a family year round, to creating a market garden, CSA, or a large scale commercial farm.

This blog explores the wilds of creative agricultural landscapes as I find them.